In The Morning'

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`Vox Veritas Vita'

June 4th, 1994. California. The Beach. College. Pilot(Someday). Music/Hip-Hop Aficionado. Always Questioning. Likes to Argue.
One Day I'll be an Astronaut.. Or Visit the Moon.

- I Blog To Express, Not To Impress.'-


Fun fact if you talk to me past midnight i get real personal and it’s weird

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weak unprepared people sleep naked. what are you gonna do when a robber comes in your house and see you naked? ?your material possessions can be replaced but your dignity cannot. 

the robber will be so blown away by my massive DONG that he will have SO MUCH RESPECT for me and my MASSIVE PENIS that he will put all the stuff back and walk out. all because of my COLOSSAL MEMBER.

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